​​The Story of Curby Corp

In the realm of entrepreneurship, stories of unexpected beginnings often serve as the foundation for remarkable success. Such is the case with Curby Corp, a company born out of humor and familial bonds, now flourishing as a testament to determination and resilience. 

The journey of Curby Corp traces back to a whimsical idea shared between a father and son. It all began when Robert Curbelo Senior, affectionately called Curby by his son Robert Jr, expressed a desire to establish a corporation. 

Embracing the playful spirit of the moment, the family decided to name it “Curby Corp,” a clever nod to their endearing nickname for the father. Little did they know, this choice would evolve into something far greater than they initially imagined. It’s now transformed into a thriving business venture as Curby Corp ventured into the realm of luxury home building in South Florida. 

Despite facing challenges, including the illness of Curby, the son chose to carry on the legacy honoring his father’s vision. With determination, Robert Jr. led Curby Corp through adversity, ensuring its continued success and growth. 

Today, Curby Corp stands as a testament to resilience and family bonds, embodying the spirit of turning humor into a lasting legacy. Their journey reminds us that greatness can emerge from unexpected beginnings, proving that sometimes, the best stories start with a laugh. We invite you to join us in celebrating family, tradition, and new opportunities at Curby Corp.

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